Monday, February 1, 2016

Spring is coming

Do you feel it? Spring is coming – or at least we’re able to fool ourselves into thinking that we feel it. It’s the thought of it being just around the corner because as we write this, we can’t very well write about spring being on its way. Our publishing time here at the magazine means that we’re a few months ahead so it’s still firmly winter right now without even the slightest signs of spring outside. And yet we sense it or feel it simply by looking through all of the amazing photos in this issue. Here in our own little world in which we all travel once we open the magazine, spring has definitely arrived. It’s not just on its way – it’s in full bloom! All of the wonderful spring plants bring out that spring feeling in everyone. They’re in stores right now so hurry up and go get some. We certainly can’t help ourselves, and we’re already looking forward to it so much. Everyone’s mood gets an automatic boost when lovely bulbs are planted in pots and containers inside and outdoors.

In addition to all of the lovely flowers, you’ll also find inspiration for interior decoration, wonderful, easy recipes and fun DIY projects as always – both small-scale and on a larger scale as we’re featuring the remodeling of Jørgen and Lonnie’s second floor. It’s a practically unused attic, which will be transformed over the next few months using primarily recycled building materials. Following this project is bound to be really interesting. You’ll find a lot of ideas to use partly or in their entirety, and if nothing else you might be inspired to replicate some of Lonnie’s clever decorating ideas. /Vivian

Monday, January 18, 2016

Bring back color

We’re inveterate devotees of our own version of French/Nordic country style and stay very true to the style, a fact for which we’ve received much praise throughout the past almost 12 years of working with it. And we definitely intend to stick with it – not only because we believe that you should practice your main talent but also because people tend to excel at the things that they enjoy doing, after all.

Nevertheless, we sometimes feel an urge to develop new sides to the style, perhaps by taking the best part of other styles and implementing them so they fit in.

Right now, we really want to bring back color. For many, many years we’ve gone through an almost colorless period and couldn’t get enough of everything white and weathered.

We still really like the weathered look and light and bright remains dominant as well, but we feel that adding color to the décor provides an interesting twist. Some colors are stronger than others but they’re all a bit faded and thus fit in really well with the style. Some of the colors we’ve included are various shades of green, vintage red and turquoise in varying degrees of intensity.

What do you think? Have you jumped on the bandwagon of color? You’re more than welcome to send us your pictures and stories either to the editorial office or through our Facebook page! /Vivian

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Happy New Year

A new year is ahead of us and the expectations for what it might bring are always great. It most often turns out that things don’t go quite according to plan. But luckily it frequently turns out that the plans change for the better. We already know a little about what you as a reader can expect however. We have a lot of exciting plans for the year 2016 here at the editorial office. One of the things we’re working on at the moment is an exciting series of articles that follows the renovation of ’Tinghøjgaard’, which we purchased in the fall. You can follow the restoration one room at a time to see how we renovate the old farmhouse and furnish it entirely in the French-Nordic country style. The first article of the series will be featured at the end of the summer. But until then you can follow the remodel of the 2nd floor of Jørgen and Lonnie’s farmhouse, Lindely, starting in our next issue. Here you’ll find plenty of tips for how to bring daylight into your rooms without adding skylights. We’re also working on a new book about our ’Vintage Paint’, which has particularly captured all of our hearts. The book will be released in the course of 2016. In this first issue of the magazine for 2016, you can read about some of the brand new trends within the style that we believe are coming in 2016. It’s about decorating with even more vintage textiles and accessories in both brown and black as well as more colorful elements such as pink and blue. We think it adds an interesting perspective to the style which goes really well with either the light and feminine style or the more raw variety if that’s what you prefer. Of course you’ll still find plenty of inspiration for the more traditional variety of the style as well along with plenty of wonderful homes with each their own charm, DIY articles and, as always, lovely dishes that are easy to make. /Vivian

Happy New Year and happy reading!

Sunday, November 29, 2015


December and Christmas itself can be very stressful. The preparations and planning can be particularly challenging if you feel like everything needs to be perfect. At our house we've often gathered most of the family for Christmas Eve – and we have a big family. Having all of us together is incredibly cozy. The farmhouse is buzzing with life and we love the atmosphere of it all. But to be honest, it's tiring as well – probably mostly because I have certain expectations of myself about what our house should like, which food should be served and what decorations need to be made. Because it's customary...

Last year we spent Christmas Eve in our small summerhouse for the first time. It was a very special experience. A lot of things are kind of a given when you celebrate Christmas away from home. Space is a little tight up there so can't fit too many people. There's five of us and then my parents along with my sister and her husband made it a party of nine. That's all we can fit this time of year. I couldn't clean, cook or put up decorations in advance here. We only just got there on December 23. We brought along a single Christmas decoration in the car, a string of lights and a few ornaments, mostly for the tree. We had planned and shopped for a slightly more simplified version of our usual Christmas dinner. Somehow it seemed alright in a different way to have everything be a little more relaxed in these surroundings. We actually ended up spending a lot of the time going for long walks, playing board games with the kids and hanging out in the hot tub. Here we were, out in the woods on the Himmerland peninsula, in 100 °F water under a clear and frosty sky on December 23, Christmas candies and glasses of gløgg in hand. What a life! On the day of Christmas Eve, I couldn't set the table in advance like I usually do. In fact, there was so little room that we couldn't even put the food on the table and we didn't have enough serving plates either so dinner was served buffet style in the kitchen.

We did spend quite a lot of time on one task: finding a tree. We planned to cut down a tree from our own large forest property. "It's full of Christmas trees," Lars said. "It's much cozier to cut down a tree from our own property." Turns out we hadn't really taken a very close look at those trees. They were all warped and crooked. We did finally choose one – which even that same night was named the world's ugliest Christmas tree, its branches long and poky with parts bare and overall very crooked. But it's a tree that we'll never forget and we've had some good laughs about it ever since. Somehow it took on a personality and we had fun with pretending that the tree shouldn't overhear us speaking badly about it or see us laughing at it.

So here's my recommendation to try spending Christmas in a new way. That Christmas was stress-free – it was all cozy family time. This year we're getting the whole family together again for big Christmas Eve. Only this time around, I've lowered my expectations a bit and intend to try to enjoy everything a bit more. I actually think they'll enjoy lending a hand to set the table and cook dinner after we all take a nice, long walk in the woods.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Years to you! /Vivian

Monday, November 2, 2015

We do like this time of year

Christmas will very soon be here ... As always, the holiday season seems to be suddenly upon us. Once we turn the page to November, the days fly by so you just have to make sure to enjoy the moment. These next two months are an amazing, lovely time. We're surely mentioned it before but we simply love this time of year with everything that it entails. We're so excited to go out gathering things in the woods, visit market and go browsing in cozy stores; talking to people, shopping and finding inspiration. We can't wait to decorate inside and outside the house – to be creative and come up with ideas. We're looking forward to making decorations and planning sweet surprises in the form of Advent gifts, special Christmas presents or hostess gifts. To making and eating all of the delicious foods and heavenly candies. Spend time with friends and family that we may not get to see as often throughout the rest of the year.

You may think we get our fill of Christmas from work. After all, we do "Christmassy" things year-round. We're always working on new ideas, making new designs for Christmas decorations and coming up with article pitches. But that doesn't keep us from going nuts when we finally reach November – at home and at work! This results in lots of wonderful Christmas articles offering a wide range of inspiration, among other things. Dorthe's amazing Advent decorations really take the cake this year in our opinion. They're just so beautiful, unique and each with their own charm. They're each based on a color theme so you can find inspiration regardless of whether you prefer gold, copper, silver, traditional red or more natural tones. You'll also find inspiration for pretty Advent calendars in true Jeanne d'Arc Living style, which we dare say will thrill any recipient.

We hope you'll really enjoy your Christmas preparations and have as much fun with it as we do. /Vivian