Monday, August 4, 2014

August charm

Right now while summer is still here, most people feel at one with nature. My favorite thing around this time of year is waking up in our summerhouse where nature is all around me. As soon as we open the door or whenever we sleep with the windows open, we can breathe in the clear forest air. Even though we live in the country at home as well, the smells are just completely different here in the woods. And then there are the sounds! The bird life is magnificent and the tall trees amplify the birds' singing. It sounds amazing. In the morning I always sit on the porch simply enjoying life the way it is right now – all by myself, a cup of coffee in hand. If I'm lucky, a deer or a squirrel might come by. The very first warm rays of sun touch down right there. Other days it might be raining and both the sounds and smells are completely different. The sound of the rain on the roof and the smell of the damp forest floor have a charm of their very own, too. Wonderful seating areas around the garden happens to be the topic of one of the articles in this issue – places to sit and enjoy the last warm days of summer before late summer and fall really set in.

Happy reading!/Vivian

Monday, June 30, 2014

Finally High Summer

You can almost smell the pine cones, the forest floor mixed with the smell of sea salt and seaweed – feel the heat and the prickly lyme grass between your toes – when you look at the photos of the Swedish beach huts in this issue of the magazine. That's high summer at its best around these latitudes. In this issue, we'll take you on a small tour of smaller homes: We'll show the loveliest beach huts in Sweden as well as two amazing and very personal small homes. You'll find plenty of inspiration for how to decorate a small space. If you're heading to southern Europe this summer on the other hand, the scent of the large lavender fields will be predominant. We paid a visit to a real lavender producer in France and bring you a small theme about lavender – one of the most wonderful plants in our opinion.

If you're on vacation, you might be planning to visit some flea markets as well to find old zinc along with other treasures. We'll provide you with a bit of history on zinc as well as inspiration for possible uses. Of course high summer also means fresh strawberries and an abundance of summer flowers. But everything doesn't have to be so traditional. Why not use unripe berries and fruit to make summer bouquets and decorations? We hope that you'll find plenty of good inspiration for a truly lovely summer.

Friday, June 20, 2014

On a cloudy day, I want to…

People like us can’t pass an entire summer without working on some indoor projects, of course. Although we enjoy the nice weather, the garden and the sea, the thought of doing something inside does have a certain appeal as well.

Over the past few weekends, Lonnie has been painting her living rooms using our new Vintage paint – and so she’s had a chance to confirm that it works excellently on walls…

I really want to line some of my glass cabinets with this new, transparent fabric. We’ve made the pattern with inspiration from old-fashioned cabinets that had similar patterns etched into the glass. To me, it’s pure nostalgia and there are so many possible applications.

The fabric also looks very nice as a table runner – or as screening in the bathroom.

Use double-sided tape to attach it – it takes almost no time at all./Vivian

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Summer issue

I think it must be something that happens as we get older – reminiscing; becoming a bit – or a lot – nostalgic and at times melancholy. That’s how I felt as I was looking through the photos for this issue of the magazine. All of a sudden, all of these memories of my childhood appeared in my mind.
Images from days gone by when the sky was always blue and summers were definitely much warmer. One of the plants that I associate with the Danish summer – and with my childhood – is field scabious.
I’ve picked many bouquets of this wildflower on our walks along the sea in western Jutland, where I come from. My grandmother and my mother taught me the joy of picking wildflowers from an early age. We never went for a walk in the woods, by a lake or by the sea without picking something or other. Rushes could be dried and wildflowers tied into the most wonderful bouquets. And it wasn’t an infrequent occurrence that we practically put our lives on the line climbing and reaching for the most impassable spots. We often used field scabious to make wreaths for our hair or just small bouquets for grandma’s pretty glass vases. All of us who love flea markets and wonderful old treasures also collect old glassware to some extent, including our new writer and editorial colleague Rikke Vinter. She’s been working with old items and running stores selling these for many years. If anyone is a collector, it’s definitely her and there’s hardly a thing that she doesn’t happen to have in her car or at home. When she was assigned to do the research for the article on old glass, it turned into a far-reaching as well as surprising project. Check out the article to see what she discovered while enjoying the amazingly beautiful photos, which will hopefully inspire you to bring your own glassware to light.

Enjoy your summer! /Vivian

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

When, did you say?

Seasons and holidays tend to get a bit confusing when you work with staggered deadlines like we do.
Right now Dorte is working on designing and shooting the Christmas photos for our website – because the pre-sale for our Christmas collection begins on June 1st.

Lonnie and I have gone to the woods these past few days to photograph the new clothing collection for this fall. We managed to find a place in the woods that looks a bit fall-like even though the calendar says May.

Our team of graphic designers are working on finalizing the layout for the July issue, which will be sent to the printer soon – and our stylists are working on articles for the May 2015 issue…

We occasionally have to ask each other: Now, when did you say that these photos that we’re working on today are supposed to be published? /Vivian