Thursday, May 3, 2012

Mirrors (correction in the magazine)

In our new magazine in May number 4 we have a nice article on the mirror story, shapes and colors. These fine mirrors is kindly lent by Anette Page who owns a French/Danish antique store in Vejle. At in Vejle you will find these fine mirrors, and much else in the French style. We regret that this is not mentioning of the article.


  1. Beautiful Mirrors! thanks for the info, kathee

  2. Che bello questo blog! Ti seguirò sempre!ciao Lieta

  3. I will pick the May issue tomorrow from my local JDL retailer Verrassend Goed (Haarlem, The Netherlands). If it features mirrors, I know I'm in trouble as I have a minor mirror-fetish; can't resist pretty mirrors :-)

  4. Dear JDL Team!

    I just found your blog by chance. I love your magazines and your style! Good luck for this "blogging adventure" and good luck as well for your seeds ;-)
    Best wishes from Germany