Thursday, June 28, 2012

Creativity, Soap and Old Tile

I just love surrounding myself with creative people every single day. Exciting designs and experimental projects are constantly underway. It’s like an ant hill simply buzzing with life. Sometimes things don’t really turn out but usually, they do. Other times, we’ll make something that’s intended for an article for the magazine but ends up actually being put into production. We never know exactly where it ends. And it HAS happened that we’ve had to give up and admit that some idea that sounded brilliant definitely wasn’t after all. Like that one time almost 8 years ago, when we were going to write an article about homemade soap.
BEFORE we began, we were convinced that we could head into the kitchen and produce soaps that we could sell. That was BEFORE Lonnie and I got started on the project. In a way, it was easy enough – and the soaps smelled pretty good, but they were NOT pretty. Before long, we had to face facts that we’d best hold on to our day jobs. Yet another lesson in the art of limitations. On the other hand, you don’t know what you might be good at until you try it. We could have had a hidden talent for soap making. Speaking of soap – the July issue offers a peek inside a real Provence soap factory that’s still making soap from the old recipes and methods that they’ve used for generations. It’s truly fascinating meeting people who take pride in their traditions and uphold the artisanry. And they make really PRETTY soap! Which you can purchase from Jeanne d’Arc Living retailers.

A lot has definitely happened since that time at Lonnie’s kitchen counter, but the creativity and desire to continue delving into new projects and realizing crazy ideas is thankfully still there. And luckily, we have a whole group of employees who are just as crazy.
One of the new items in our collection that I personally love is these tiles with writing. They’re designed by Dorte Palsgaard and made by Ole in our workshop. The tile itself is handmade in Greece and the rest is done here on site.

Last night, a friend of mine suggested applying several layers of lacquer and placing it as a simple decoration in a floor with neutral tiles. I could see that being really striking and beautiful. To start, I’m going to just have one as a decoration on a shelf – really simple. /Vivian


  1. wow! I love the unique! It would be hard to resist having these all over the place!
    Bec x

  2. Yes I love this tiles, very beautiful for my home!!!
    XXX Barbara

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  4. It's smells so nice soap from the Provence...lovely pictures you've made.
    Lovely greetings, Anne.

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