Friday, June 15, 2012

Nettles & Goutweed

For a while, we've been talking about writing an article about cooking with ingredients found in nature. It’s a very “in” thing right now – and also a pretty fun idea. And imagine the trips we could make when going out to gather things. That's really going back to basics… we were into the idea.
A girlfriend had given Lonnie a recipe for juice from fresh pine shoots, and we've used fresh beech leaves in a salad in connection with an article for next year. It was both different and visually attractive. So the planning was on. What were we going to make…
We all knew about nettle soup and goutweed in salads. These days, ramson is pretty much available at the greengrocers here in Denmark like any other vegetable – so that didn’t quite fit into the category. Hmmm… we've also seen TV shows where they gathered heather on the heath or seaweed by the beach.
So we get to talking about how and where we would need to gather all these things – what's good and what isn't? We have no idea. We had a discussion and as it turns out, we feel like this is a pretty difficult project that we've gotten ourselves into. Finally, one of us exclaimed: Does any of us actually want to eat these things?! We couldn't exactly say that we do – no… actually, we don’t. We don’t want to gather the ingredients or eat them. But then why make it? If we don’t want to do it, then our readers probably won't want to either. Isn’t it exactly our philosophy to make food that's easy and straightforward?
So instead, we wrote the article that you got a sneak peak of yesterday – easy and delicious recipes with peaches and nectarines. Because they're available at the farmers’ market right now at affordable prices. And THAT tastes good!
Have a nice weekend. /Vivian

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  1. When I was a child my grandmother used to make pancakes with nettles. If I remember correct she first boiled them lightly, chopped them and added to the pancake mix. At first I was afraid to taste these pancakes as I was convinced nettles would sting my mouth (I was very young), but eventually gathered enough courage and they were actually quite good.

    Nettles are packed with all sorts of good stuff (vitamies, antioxidants, fibre etc) so using them in cooking makes sense :-)

    Best regards,