Thursday, June 14, 2012

A Small Twist

Like one of our faithful Danish blog readers, Tina, so nicely wrote to me: we can’t be good at everything.
That is, of course, the gospel truth. None of us can be Superwoman and simply do everything perfectly. We have to cut a few corners here and there. And that’s something one can be really good at.
That’s me – for some reason, everyone who knows me has always thought that I’m one of those women with inexhaustible reserves of energy who makes everything herself. In fact, I’m not – but I’m really good at putting a small twist on things: making some of it from scratch so it seems kind of homemade.
Today we went on a photo shoot and shot two food articles for the magazine. Suzanne and I actually get teased a bit about how we’re always trying to cheat – but we don’t think of it as cheating…not really. It’s about making things a bit simpler sometimes. As long as we’re honest about it and pass on the ideas, we think it’s OK.
We made this lovely fruit pie, among other things. The crust is pre-made puff pastry. We’re not at all ashamed of showing that in the magazine. It can be the very thing that makes the difference between whether you make the pie or not – on those occasions when time is short – and after all, we did bake the crust, make the cream from whipping cream, crème fraiche and vanilla beans and cut up the fruit! So there’s the recipe, in case you feel like making it.
PS. The beers were shared and enjoyed in a sunny spot outside the editorial office when we got back – together with one of our graphic designers and with a snack of peanuts mixed with dried fruit. /Vivian

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  1. Hei!
    Dette så utrolig godt ut:)
    Nydelig og smake-fult bilde:)

    Klem Merete