Thursday, November 14, 2013

Good things come to those who wait…

So the old saying goes. And we have to say that it’s completely true! We’ve waited a long time for our new porcelain collection but it’s definitely been worth the almost 2-year wait. It turned out just the way we wanted it. Not only does it include the finest reproductions of carefully selected old porcelain – it even has the perfect creamy-white color, which looks just like the original. We’re just so thrilled and proud to have finally succeeded. You can mix it with old porcelain thus creating the perfect service for any home with a love of the French-Nordic country style. And the fact that price and quality are both good is just an added bonus. There’s no doubt that our cabinets will be stocked before long.

We’re especially proud of the tureen, which we also made in a miniature version. It makes a perfect gravy dish or individual serving of soup, etc. Likewise, the matching porcelain ladle is nothing short of irresistible. /Vivian

The salt and pepper set is another favorite.

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