Friday, April 11, 2014

Did you send out Easter letters this year?

Walking into our bedroom last night and finding a lovely, carefully cut out and yet slightly crooked snowdrop letter – complete with a snowdrop picked from the garden – on my pillow was the nicest surprise. True to tradition, I now had to try to guess who “sent” me the letter…

Since I couldn’t guess the name in three tries, I now owe my youngest son an Easter egg.

Snowdrop letters is one of the Danish traditions that we at JDL feel that everyone should remember and uphold. And it’s a tradition that isn’t just for kids…

Now that Easter is fast approaching, it’s high time to get started if you have yet to bring out your scissors. Send snowdrop letters to family, neighbors and friends – with a sweet little poem and a fresh or pressed snowdrop. They’re sure to bring about a lot of fun and joy!

Happy Easter everyone. /Vivian


  1. What a sweet tradition. Love this idea.

  2. Love the Easter sentiment.

    Inspiring Nordic beauty.


  3. Ps, I am excited to receive my spring issue of JDA and the wire art reminds me of mine that I have posted on my blog often.


  4. Heyyy, thank you so much for posting this, as we do not have such a tradition. This really inspires me, and such a happy You to have the most precious gift, soooo touching me. Thank you so much aigain, Méa, who will integrate this in her own family tradition :))

  5. Soooo, and now, I am your follower, finally -
    Happy Easter to you all,

    1. Hi Méa
      So Happy to see you on our blog. Thanks for all you kind words.
      Have a nice weekend. /Tina