Behind JDL

We are located in pastoral surroundings in an old restored Danish farmhouse in the village of Kondrup, north of the Danish town of Randers. The editorial staff and the wholesale company employ eighteen people. We feel like one big happy family. This happens all by itself, because we are a group of people sharing the same passion. We are bringing features about each employee in the magazine the coming months. We will write little cameos of each of the people who are a part of the JDL family. In this way, we hope that you will get to know us better. The first you can see here below.

Karen is our oldest co-worker. She is working with Jane in our production department. We can’t even count the number of things Karen has contributed to making. The rest of the time, she works from home. Every Tuesday, her bag is full of pretty, handmade flowers, cards or other small items that can be easily transported. Karen has been a part of Jeanne d’Arc Living almost since the beginning. She’ll be turning 80 next spring but has no plans to fully retire anytime soon. She enjoys getting out, being of use and being a part of the social life out here

Here at JDL Michella worked in the kitchen and making food for lunch for the rest of us an she helped in the production. Now Michalla started full time in school and is only at JDL sometimes. We luckily found a replacement for what's most important of her work here at JDL, the creation of lunch.

Helle is our graphic designer. Among other things, she takes care of layout of magazines and books.

Sanne Johansen is working in the stockroom, packing and shipping department. She is taking care of all what come ind and must out here at Jeanne d’Arc Living.

Kristian is the head of sales, marketing and magazine/book distribution here at Jeanne d'Arc Living. He is your first contact when you call to the firm.

Ineke and Erik are the faces behind the sale of Jeanne d'Arc Living magazins, books and products south of Denmark.

Susanne work at JDL as a floral decorator and copywrither. She makes the most beautiful bouquets. Follow the Magazine and you will see...!

Ole is the "handyman" here at Jeanne d'Arc Living. He can produce almost everything in wood and iron.
Jane work in the creative workshop. She handles everything of the handmade merchandise.
Dorte is our stylist and Photographer.