Over the years, our passion for the French and Nordic country style has turned into several books on the topic. First came our interior decorating book called “French Atmospheres – in the Nordic Way”, which has become a ”manual” on this particular style. Up next, was the gardening book “French Sensations – in Nordic Gardens” followed by our first Christmas book “Christmas – in the French Inspired Home”. Next in line we focused on lovely summerhouses and likewise places in Denmark by the book called “Amazing Retreats – Under Nordic Skies”.

After many requests, we launched a cookbook that collects the recipes from the first three years of the Jeanne d’Arc Living magazine called “The Best Recipes”. Not only does it focus on the food and ingredients but also on the atmosphere and surroundings that create a good meal. The second Christmas book “A Touch of France” came out next and further more we now publish a calendar each year in order to give our readers a glimpse of the JDL spirit from day to day.

We hope you will enjoy reading our books as much as we enjoyed making them. For a list of retailers please see our website

Coming in spring 2013
We look forward to introduce to you the Easter book called “Fairytale Easter”.

In the book Fairytale Easter, Jeanne d’Arc Living takes you on a journey into a world of creativity sure to inspire and entice you to start decorating for Easter. Seasoned with stories and over 400 amazing photos, we give you detailed instructions on how to make these simple decorations, Easter ornaments and delicious foods, all in the natural and inviting style for which Jeanne d’Arc Living is known.

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Perpetual Calendar & Address Book

Calendar 2013

A Touch of France
Behind the title of this second Christmas book from Jeanne d’Arc Living we visit wonderful Christmas homes. All of them are located in Denmark but has a touch of French country style. These homes feature all of the elements that we associate with this beloved style, yet each place is very personal and different from each other. It was very inspiring visiting them all, and we hope that the same atmosphere can be felt by looking at the hundreds of beautiful photos and texts in the book.

Amazing Retreats - Under Nordic Skies

What does the word ‘Amazing’ cover? The answer will always be different depending on whom you ask. What one person thinks is amazing may not be amazing to someone else. This book focuses on the authentic summerhouses and other lovely and tranquil spots in Denmark. In our opinion, they are the most amazing retreats to be found. The book features more than 500 beautiful photographs by Lonnie Würtz Jensen, all of which were shot in the natural Nordic light here in Denmark. Helle Leth worked as a stylist on the book, and the texts are by Vivian Christensen.

The Best Recipes

We love good food, cozy company and inviting dishes. A meal to us is much more than what we put in our mouths. It is the entire mood that surrounds it. This book contains more than 180 recipes with enticing pictures and inspiring dishes. There are no gourmet recipes with mysterious ingredients, only simple dishes that everyone can make - but with great respect for quality ingredients. In response to repeated requests, we collected the recipes from the first three years of the Jeanne d’Arc Living Magazine and put them all together in this book.

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