In addition, the concept of Jeanne d’Arc Living also includes wholesale of our own designs. This activity was initiated by us in 2007. The products are varied, but here too, the pervasive theme is consistently French country. All of our merchandise is either to our own designs or reproductions of vintage pieces. We are continuously doing our best to give the objects just the right level of patina, so that they become as authentic as possible. In 2010, we decided to exclusively sell products, which have been manufactured in Denmark and in Europe; products, which adhere as much as possible to the old traditions of craftsmanship by hand. We want to protect the environment and show social responsibility….transporting merchandise from the Far East extracts many resources from the environment. Not that it would make such a big difference in the grand scheme of things whether or not we bring 15 containers in per year…but still…every little bit counts. 

Most of us find it completely natural to save on energy and to buy locally grown vegetables with our daily groceries. In this way, we CONTRIBUTE to helping the environment and we also want to do this with our enterprise. And then there is the question of employment – in recent years, we have all known someone, who has either been let go or who has had to close his or her company down. It suddenly means a lot when a single minor supplier calls us up and tells us how big a difference it makes that we have moved our manufacture back to Denmark. It gives us a good feeling. We are not trying to be “holier than thou” here, but there are still many, many things which could be done differently. For example, we still purchase our handcrafted paper in Nepal, but we are taking small steps in the right direction.